What Creates Good Running Form?

What Creates Good Running Form?

One of the most common question every PT hears: "How can I think my way to better running form?" The short answer: You can't. Not really. I know! I wish it was that easy. The long answer: The way you run is determined by a bunch of different factors. If running form...

Should Runners Stretch?

Should Runners Stretch?

  Running is not the kind of activity that demands great flexibility in general, but tight muscles and joints can cause pain, injury, and decreased performance. This is a huge topic in the running rehab world that can’t be adequately addressed in a short summary,...

We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved!

Prevail Physical Therapy is pleased to announce our new clinic location in Shoreline! Business is so good that we expanded and moved our location to accommodate our growth and our goals. We opened the doors at our new...

Remaining Open Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Dept of Homeland Security issued a memo regarding the importance of keeping the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce operating and identifying what industries and workers that includes. I encourage you to read it for yourself here, but in short, physical...

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