Want to join our Team?

Physical Therapy Aide

  • Support our clinician staff 
  • Part time: 20-30 hours/week, flexible schedule
  • Supportive, collaborative team
  • Send inquiries and resumes directly to Bruk@PrevailPT.com

Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Join a dynamic, innovative team treating an active population
  • 60 minute, 1:1 treatment times
  • 2x/month clinician education and mentorship
  • Reimbursed overflow documentation time
  • Supportive, collaborative team
  • Locally owned and community involved 
  • Send inquiries and resumes directly to Bruk@PrevailPT.com.

About the Prevail Team

Who we are:

We are always looking for clinicians with energy and passion who are interested in learning and helping others. The name “Prevail” was inspired by the countless people -from sedentary to Olympians- that we have witnessed overcoming their unique challenges and the honor we take in serving them. If it is time for you to level-up your skills or add a specialty to your clinical toolkit in a great team environment, read on.

Prevail was founded and is currently managed under the vision of Bruk Ballenger, DPT, who also previously co-founded Real Rehab Physical Therapy and R2 Bicycles Fitting Studio. The Prevail philosophy is rooted in team development, service innovation, community involvement and healthy business practices. We serve our local community as an outpatient orthopedic clinic, specializing in the health and performance of athletes and active people. We emphasize specialty skills and services not only to provide better care, but also for clinician growth.

Part of the mission of Prevail is to continually educate our clinicians. Time is given to clinicians for two group in-services per month, 1:1 cross education between any clinicians, and 1:1 and group training in the specialty services that we provide if desired.

We utilize Physical Therapy Assistants as appropriate, but we do not use PT Aides for patient care. All visits are 60 minutes with a 1:1 PT-to-patient ratio. We commonly “share” patients among clinicians to better serve our patients with in-house referrals to take advantage of the specialty skills of different clinicians.

    Specialty Services: 

    • We are proponents of manual therapy but emphasize movement retraining, strength, and conditioning, with our 2,000+ square feet of open gym space plus a small private gym room.
    • Running/walking:
    • Gait Analysis: Through thousands of analyses, we have developed a unique and thorough biomechanical gait analysis process designed to illuminate clinician and patient understanding of functional movement issues and strategies to address them. Analysis includes gait specific exam, video analysis, pedobarography and surface EMG.
    • Orthotics: we prescribe custom orthotics when appropriate and carry Superfeet for OTC use. We have a mini-orthotic lab to allow on-site adjustments, refurbishing, etc.
    • We have one of the few, publicly available AlterG Antigravity treadmills in the state and use for accelerated post-op rehab, continued run training while injured, and performance enhancement
    • Bike Fitting: Our approach to bike fitting is based on the cyclist’s biomechanics, involving clinical exam, motion analysis, pressure mapping as appropriate, and changes to bike positioning. We have multiple methods of bike fitting including the Guru DFU computerized fitting bike, Computrainer pedaling analysis, BikeFit Stem Sizer and SwitchIt saddle changer. An extensive selection of parts is available on-site for immediate changes, and staff receive an employee discount on any discount on any bikes or parts from our wholesaler relationships.
    • Pelvic Health: The importance of the pelvis et al cannot be overstated for both orthopedics and pelvic floor related issues. We have two pelvic health specialists currently on staff.
    • Continuing education of $1000/year.

    Send inquiries and resumes to Bruk@prevailpt.com.