Do you need a better saddle, but you’re not sure how to find the one that fits you best? Are you looking to buy a new bike, or do you feel like you need to make adjustments to your current bike?

Serving the unique needs of cyclists of all abilities has been a specialty of our clinicians for many years. Most of these services can be covered by insurance if they are included in a course of physical therapy dealing with pain, injury, or injury prevention. We created a sister business in 2012, R2 Bicycles, to make cycling solutions more comprehensive, faster, and more efficient for our cycling clients. R2 Bicycles works in tandem with Prevail PT on fittings and selected equipment and bike sales. Our clinicians have extensive training in bike fitting, cycling biomechanics, and of course personal riding experience. We have a rich history of supporting cycling organizations and events. Contact us if your organization is interested in sponsorship.

Services Include:

* Bike Fittings * Saddle Finder * Crank Finder * Bike Finder * Bike Lab* Educational seminars for your organization: injury prevention, performance, and training principles.*


Components of our services:

Guru DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit): the most advanced bike fitting system in the world. Cycling-specific movement retraining and rehab. Computrainer pedaling analysis. Pedobarography. Foot-pedal interface assessment and correction. Clinical and Adaptive bike fitting. Video motion analysis.


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