Running is by far the most complex movement that is intrinsic to humans. A thorough video analysis and clinical exam are the bare minimum needed to start addressing running challenges. Our clinicians are experienced runners who have undergone advanced training in the biomechanical assessment of running. We have done thousands of running assessments, yet continue to immerse ourselves in the science of running, and develop new methods of assessment and highly targeted solution strategies. You will not find a team that is better suited to solving your running issues than right here at Prevail PT! We serve beginning runners, professionals, and all abilities in between.

What to Expect/Biomechanical Analysis Protocol

A standard Running Analysis (or walking) assessment consists of the following steps. Note that the full assessment process requires at least three hours of time, which can be done in multiple, one-hour visits (required if using health insurance) or in a 1-5-hour blocks of time if the client is paying out-of-pocket: 

Step 1:

Client interview, intake review, & Physical Exam.

Time:1 hour

Step 2:

Data Collection: videogait, pedobarography, and/or sEMG muscle testing.

Time:1 hour minimum

Step 3:

Review & interpretation of collected data. Correlation of findings with exam & case history.

Time:1-2 hours

Step 4:

Developement of Action Plan

Time:1-5 hours

We have a rich history of supporting running organizations and events, contact us if your organization is interested in sponsorship. 

Services Include

Run Gait Analysis

Run Lab

Educational seminars for your organization about injury prevention, performance, and training principles.*

Some running services may fall under physical therapy, which may be covered by your health insurance. Contact us to learn more.

Components & Tools

Run-specific movement retraining and rehab

AlterG AntiGravity treadmill rental and free client usage 

Video motion analysis & sEMG testing

Pedobarography &  Custom orthotics. 

Training Consultation.

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