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Please review our updated mask policy below. Last updated: Monday 8/10

We are closely monitoring and abiding by the policies and guidance of many agencies, including federal, state and local governments, American Physical Therapy Association, Private Practice Section, CDC, Dept of Homeland Security, etc.

There is, however, a gray area of decision-making that we are currently in, balancing our social contribution with the potential of adding to the rise of the infection curve rather than flattening it.

As the owner of Prevail Physical Therapy, in agreement with our team, I’m choosing to keep our doors open, but with evolving changes.

I harbor no illusion of heroism, or that Prevail PT will win the fight with COVID-19. But I do know that we can help keep critical people where they need to be. For example, currently we have PT patients that include an MD, a respiratory therapist and a fire fighter. These are our new battlefield soldiers, and I’ll work to keep every one of them on the front lines right now. If you look at the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce list, you’ll be surprised by the variety of jobs that are considered critical. I’m sure by now you’ve also realized how important grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, and food handlers have become much more socially valuable than they were before the Coronavirus outbreak, and we’ll help them to keep doing their vital work as well.

Bruk Ballenger, PT, DPT, Founder

These are the steps we’re taking to mitigate risk.


Minimizing direct person-to-person contact

  • We are now using telehealth to provide our services remotely.
  • Clinicians are varying their treatment methods to lower the demand of physical contact.
  • We are temporarily discontinuing some services to decrease the flow of people into the clinic.


  • All surfaces & items that come into patient contact will be cleaned or eliminated between patients.
  • The first and/or last 5-10 minutes of scheduled appointment time may be didicated to cleaning & sanitizing workstations.
  • “Unclean Zone” established to hold items used by patients & clinicians that have not been cleaned yet.

Clinic Entry Limitations

  • We are taking the temperature of every entrent before they are granted access to the clinic.
  • Any patient or staff member who is experiencing suspect symptoms are not allowed into the clinic space until they have communicated with their medical provider for guidance.
  • Deliveries and other entrants will no longer be allowed into the clinic space if not for patient care.
  • Those accompanying patients to their appointments are asked to wait in their cars when possible.

Social Distancing

  • We are increasing physical distance between people withing the clinic when possible.
  • Staff and their families have adopted social distancing methods approaching “shelter in place” standards to decrease the number of possible transmission vectors into the clinic.

Updated Mask Policy

For the safety and security of our patients, clients, and staff, we are now requiring the use of facemask protection within our clinic. These policies are in accordance with the current state guidelines and with extra consideration for our particular clinic environment. This statement is regarding the use of masks only. Please review our other policies and protective measures above.

  • Every person entering our clinic space, including clients, patients, staff, etc., will be required to wear a protective facemask. We ask that you wear it for the duration of your visit. If you do not have one, one will be supplied to you. If unmasked for any reasons, we ask that you respectfully distance yourself from everyone else in the space, as far as possible, beyond the minimum 6 foot mandate.
  • People who are unmasked due to exemption are expected to maintain as much physical distance as possible from others within the clinic. This requires that both the patient and their clinician are aware of others in their area and make appropriate adjustments. Expect our staff to bring our policy to the attention of those that need to be either masked or increase their physical distance from other people.
  • Concerns: Given our policies, procedures and physical layout of our clinical space, there is no reason that unsafe exposure should occur. Please discuss your concerns with our staff, and especially your Prevail PT clinician to ensure a mutually safe environment and any possible accommodations that we can make so that your experience here is safe and comfortable.
  • There are exceptions to this policy:

a. In a setting such as ours, physical exercise is sometimes necessary. Patients and clients who are exerting themselves to a degree that the mask becomes a hindrance may remove their masks while they are exercising and recovering.

b. If unmasked while exercising, we expect a physical distance of at least 15 feet from other people. Note that our gym space is quite large and is of adequate size to accommodate multiple people exercising simultaneously. Also note that we also have a private exercise room to allow increased physical distancing.

c. Persons with medical conditions, mental health conditions, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering are also exempt from this policy.

d. Children under the age of two are exempt and should not wear masks. Children from the ages of 3 to 5 years old are required to wear a mask with adult supervision unless they fall under a different exemption.

We are now offering telemedicine as an alternative to in-office visits.


Below are a few platforms that we’ve found helpful in delivering accurate & up-to-date information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response

CDC: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Washington State Department of Health Resources & Recommendations

King County Public Health Recommendations 

U.S. Food & Drug Recommendations

Resource Information for Workers Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

U.S. Dept. of Labor Coronavirus Resources

Benefits.gov : Coronavirus Resources